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I am here going to explain You my First Ever Trip to ooty With my Colleques.We are a Team of 6 comprising of Me,Yazar,Vinod,Anil,Anoop and Sybin.Actually we didn't planned for a trip there but happened to go there unexpectedly.Actually our Travel's Main Purpose was to Attend one of our Office mate named Mohammed Ali 's Brother Marriage at Malappuram.

We Started our Journey after our Office hour's are over and as per our Planning i was waiting for a White Toyota Innova driven by Yazar who is my friend from my School Days.Even though he told me to wait at PMG(Trivandrum) for 7.30 pm he arrived there in the car by only 8.30 pm.He picked me from there and our Journey starts from there.Two other's who other than me in the car were vinod whom i know from my degree and Sybin Yazar's friend.We then picked 2 others too Anoop from Kesavadasapuram and anil from Sreekaryam.we then started our journey to Malappuram(that time we have only that idea).Our Trout was through Kochi reach Palakkad and my morning reach Malappuram and took room there and go some where else for Sight Seeing.But our plans went on Reshuffling when our friend drives his car with the best he can and made us reach by 1.00 am .We took a gap there and have a black tea there as vinod went on sleeping in the back Seat of the car.We 5 discussed and made a conclusion that if we goes by this Speed we will reach Malappuram by 3.00 and we Changed the Plan there and thought of Selecting ooty or Nilamboor from there and decided to Go for OOTY.OOTY the heaven for lovers from all over the world.Place where Malayalam Super Hit Film Kilukkam and lot others were Shooted.

Thus Our Narein Karthikeyan(Yazar) drives his car to OOTY through Coimbatore.Anyhow my sleep Changed to a Shiva Rathri in the Car while vinod was sleeping in Cool without Knowing What was going Around him.We saw Coimbatore was Slowely waking at that time while our Car was smashing through the Road.We Reached OOTY after driving through the hairpin curves on the road were lots of Accidents happens daily.By 5.30 am we reached OOTY.While we stopped the car for an enquiry one guide approached us and get into the car and led us to a HOTEL there in the Town.We spend Time there for Refreshing and some amoung us including me tries for a small sleep in the middle.The Bed there was so cool by the cold Climate there and the blankets there on the bed can't alone help us from escaping from the Climate there and i have had my small sleep for nearly an Hour.When i get into the Bath room there it was almost fully covere with smog i was astonished to see such a Bath room.I was the last one to have the Bath and the hot water supply was stopped by that time.Some how i took my bath there , dressed and vacated the room there for Sight Seeing OOTY.There Started our journey for OOTy.we have had our break fast from a Hotel there and it was occupied by some foriegners and some other tourists too.some Couples i saw there were taking photographs as if they came there for some Shooting.I ordered for Masal Dosai and a set of Poory there.After having our breakfast there we parked our car in a near by place and saw some peoples were grouped together with Banners in there hand.After close watching i understood that it was a protest made by the followers of Dailalamma.Both Men and Women were there in that Group.We Passed off them and reached the BOTANICAL GArden there.

BOTANICAL GARDEN in OOTY is a place You should surely Visit we took the ticket from the counter there.Seperate Charges was there for Allowing Cameras inside.After getting the tickets we brought some fresh Tomattos with leaves(very nice to see them as a bunch) for Chewing for a While.Inside the Garden was Marvellous with words caanot alone describe as our photogrpahs will show you how it is....

We wanders there inside and took Photographs at different locations.The Very Common thing which we found there was the meeting of lovers and couples every where there.In one Place we saw an Aunty from North India with her Husband following the instructions of the Photo grapher there inside.They were posing as if they are going to be the Cover Page of any Magazine.You may see some in our Photographs too.After Finishing the visit there as we have only limited time left with us we started for a place Called Rose Garden there which is the land for Roses there.But since it was not the season there we can't see a single bud of roses there and After taking our Photographs there we left that place too in a sudden.

After that we went for a Reserved Forest Area there(I don't Remember the name) which actually is also a Hill station too.Lots of Students from different places whom went for a trip was seen there enjoying there trip.At that time some among us refreshed there trip too with there college mates(About me nothing to Remember as i didn't went for any Trip until then).We took Some Photographs there and we saw that it was almost the time for Lunch ans since there was no more Hotels found there we went happy with having ice creams.After that we went to the Planitoriam there which consists of 2 Telescopes for Viewing OOTY PATTANAM in full in a much closer Way.we saw the small greeny Land of OOTY with a distinct view of the Bus stand and all.After that we drived our Car throught the Lake there which was also provided with Boating facilities too and since we lack time we didn't get down there and started our journey from there to Malappuram.

Our Narein Smashed his car and during that trip i feel some what unhealthy and rested in a high range there for a while.But that place was Acutually wonderfull with a Beautiful sceneries all around as we were standing at the Top of a Mountain.some Monkeys were also seen there whom seems to be making there evening Jokes with their lovers and expressing there feelings.After some time we continued our Journey and was able to reach the bottom and get into some Hotel there.As My Stomach was paining some what due to this Travel i took a Soup from there while Others went on having there Special Items out there.After an Enquiry we made there we under stood that there was an easy way from OOTy to Malappuram which we missed and was Forced to go all the ways back to Coimbatore.It was almost 5 pm our Narein was in a mood that he will be the next F1 Champian and was beating all the Vehicles there.But It Happened Suddenly While we signed a Govt Bus that we are going to over take a lorry which was moving for a Tortoise Race the Biggy Bus Driver didn't Showed mercy to us and without slowing his bus speed hit the front Part of the car with the Back End of the Bus.(it was by god grace that our Narein suddenly turned the Steering wheel so that we only got our glasses lost with the door else it would be another fate).When the Bus hit the one side the car loses it's control and was strongly hit by a lorry on the other side whom we are about to over take.Thus our trip went on for a tragedy.My friend Called his Relative out there who was in police in a higher position near by there and went to report to the near by police station and succeded in getting a certificate from there for insurence clearence and for crossing the Valayar Check post and all.One of my friend who knows Tamil well managed the situation in the police station there and get out there by about 8 o clock.thus our 3 to 4 hrs were lost there alone and we reached Malappuram by 12 o'clock.

My friend was waiting there for us as he was also some what troubled when he heard of our accident on the way and the news was spread out there by that time.He arrnaged us for a room there after having a mid night supper there.As our Narein was called every minute by his Bappa and Umma as there were worried about his condition we before atttending the Nikhah(Marriage) went out of there after having our Food out of there and my friend Packed some food for us to have on the way.In such a tense situation we managed to get out of that by saying jokes and other comments and some how reached Kochi.On the way to Kochi we saw a bus accident as bus lost it's control and fell into a well there with the wheels remains in the road and it jumped through a wall alomost 1 feet high and fell down almost 20 feet and Body alone was there.After seeing that accident we relaxed that our's is much much better than that.

when we reached Kochi some other Narein were playing the game and yazar when happened to meet them at a signal tried to show them by hand that Best Of Luck my Boys i Also tried the same and see my Car Condition and u too are going in my way.....

In Kochi we get into Toyota's Show room there to calculate the loss and from there reached Trivandrum back by 9 o' clock .After that car Owner came there to see his car condition while we managed to get it into the garriage of Toyoto here.After that his Friend came with a Maruthi there and he dropped us in our own Homes..Thus the End of Our Journey..

If this incident doesn't happens we may have also visited Nilamboor and Silent Valley too.What to do Fate will change a day's plan.....

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