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Dreaming US jobs then you must Learn this.....

Coming to US for first time? Things to do

You may be the first time coming to USA. These are some of the basic items which you should remember or do from the day you start preparing to come to US till you get here

When applying for Passport/VISA

Try to provide accurate information, which are exactly matching your school/college/other certificates and your passport.

Remember that US people give more importance to your last name, so you should have a SURNAME in your passport which will be later refered as last name. First name is your normal name, as usual.

When applying for Passport or VISA, try to accomdate this as write last name correctly in appropriate columns, expanded.

VISA Validity

Check if you have a proper VISA stamped in your passport with sufficient time for expiry
Check if your first name and last name matches
Check if your passport has sufficient period for expiration

Packing Luggages

Its a brain storming session to purchase and pack stuffs for a US trip. Some points

Buy excellent quality baggages/suit cases which are big enough for packing more items that you plan to. May be you end up trying to pack more or try to bring items while return. American Tourister or VIP are some good brands. Its costly but last long. May be ranges from 2000 - 5000 INR. Suggested purchase of 2 luggage bags

Buy a good hand bag with provision to lock to use as a hand bag. Suggested purchase of 1 bag. Not too big because we need to put the same in over head bag carriers in flights AND also you need to carry the same when ever there is a transit time. Think of a bag which fits to a overhead carriage of a bus luggage rack. Should be ok

Some important things to to

- Start NRI account, and leave some signed cheques and/or ATM card at home so that your family can withdraw money once you start depositing
- Take an international driving license. Some states will allow people to drive with international driving license for some time.

In your wallet

- Foreign currency of around 100 USD (get smaller value currency - some 1 dollar, one or two 5/10 dollar and the rest)
- VISA/Mater Credit Card/Debit Card
- Photo Identification
- Few hundred Indian rupees (e.g. some indian airport, you need to pay airport usage charges, like in cochin, you need to pay 500 Rs. Also you may need to buy something in between)

In a carry bag (weight less than 7-8 Kg)

- Toothpaste, brush, tongue cleaner, soap, towel, deoderants, shaving set (plastic & disposible), 2 pairs of casual dress, 2 pairs of extra socks

- Your VISA supporting documents, emergency numbers, address of your destination, map to your destination from airport, routes and commutation information, flight itenerary, some foreign currency (in case loose your wallet), pen, photo identity card, magazines

In checkin bags (weight less than 30 Kg each * 2)

- Dress
- Your certificates and experience letters
- Driving License - Indian and International (if you dont have, take one before travelling abroad)
- Pressure Cooker (Most of us need this). Size depends on your usage
- Basic medical prescriptions and medicines (consulting doctor is costly without an insurance here. Also getting an antibiotic is not easy as in India)
- All cosmetics which we use and not allowed to put in hand bag. (Razors, Scissors, Spray, Powder, etc etc)
- Bathroom and casual chappels, formal and casual shoes, ties, extra belts, extra shoe lie, shoe polish, polish brush, nail cutter, soaps, magazines, towel

Confirm your ticket

Dont forget to re-confirm your ticket and dates. Also dont forget to specify your food preference. Many people dont get comfortable with foreign food first time itself.

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