Saturday, February 24, 2007

Read it and Pass it Do what You can.But don't Neglect.....

Do You think i am going to tell a fairy story.Do believe me it's a real incident happened in Mumbai city.

A young girl with her father get into a bus which runs non-stop in it's way to Mumbai.she reserved her ticket and was travelling comfortably.she get into the bus with the hope that bus will reach Mumbai by afternoon.Her purpose is to write an exam there for a job.But suddenly it happened.Bus's tyre got punchered and the travel was delayed.It happened in a remote place where there are so many theifs residing.Suddenly a group of people attacked the bus and stole the valuable things what they have.Due to Fear they give money and all what they asked for.After that horror experience they some how reached Mumbai at night.All the lodges were already booked and they didn't got a room to stay that night.

At last they acquainted with a women who also belong to her state.She beleived her father that there is a hostel nearby and she will arrange a room for her anyway and her father had to find himself as he willn't be permitted there.He believed that lady who talked in a polite manner.he gave her daughter some amount in her hand what he keeped in his underpocket and told her he will find a place to sleep in the near by bus station and will call her in the morning and he walked away to the bus stand.

But what really happened is she was a member of an under world gang there whose duty is to make acqutianance with the innocent girls who reached there and trap her in their way.That innocent girl fate also went that way.After her father dropped her before a building painted on a board that lady's other gang members arrived there and kidnapped her to another place and rapped that girl in a hotel there and dropped her in the street in the morning while she was unconsious.when her father enquired about her in the hostel they told him that no girl by that name took room there at night.He asked the people there about her and one of them told him that a girl who seemed unconsious in a near by street was taken to hospital by police in the morning.When he reached the hospital and saw her daughter position he got fainted..

Gang still works there even though police took some necessary disciplinary actions in a sudden..So don't believe any stranger's in a strange location.

Also those who wish to comment to this incident plz post the name of the hostels where girl's can safely reside with their location and root map.May this be useful for those who arrives in a strange location and i will publish them as soon as i can as a page so that other's can make use of it.

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